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At 2:04pm on September 11, 2013, Alexey Arkhipenko said…

Hi, Adrian. 

There are some comments at the bottom of the web page as soon an you enter some chords or click Examples link in Chord Analyser System. BTW, quartet also includes jazz and rock parts. I posted the program of quartet in the original Virtal - Walker post.

At 3:46pm on April 8, 2013, michael diemer said…

My condolences, Adrian, on the passing of a great woman. she was greatly respected in this country, even by her critics. It was axiomatic: you didn't mess with the Iron Lady. Her status is second in modern times only to Churchill. We are still waiting in America for a woman of her stature. Take care, man.


At 1:16pm on April 4, 2013, michael diemer said…

Thanks man, I'll ask the Master.


At 9:01pm on April 2, 2013, michael diemer said…

Glad you liked Skating, Andrew. I don't really play the piano, although I know my way around it, in terms of chords and scales. I actually played a little guitar once upon a time, mostly in a folk vein. I have tried writing chamber music, but I always end up orchestrating the pieces. I just seem to think in terms of the orchestra. At some point I may try again. Perhaps a violin sonata. What a great sound, those two instruments were made for each other. I agree, people will always prefer tonal music. Those who write atonal music are primarily writing for each other! Still, you have to admire their resolve. I do sometimes find that kind of music interesting, but the emotional response is lacking, for the most part. What emotion I get from it is usually very dark. But sometimes that's ok. Anyway, I'm going to have to  check into augmenting my sample libraries, after hearing that wonderful trombone in your duet. Do you know of any that have a cornet, or a mellophone?


At 11:55am on April 2, 2013, michael diemer said…

Just listened to several of your pieces, Adrian. Enjoyed them all. The one I'll comment on is the Trombone piece. Interesting choice of instruments. I always knew the trombone could sound like this. so soft and expressive, like a French horn, but with more reserved solemnity. Trombones are actually my favorite brass instrument, but I haven't been able to get one to sound like this! What sample is it? (Or what is it a real trombone?) I use Garritan and East West. The only criticism I'll make is that there are some technical glitches - low rumbling, for example. Why not take care of these? The music is exquisite, and deserves perfection.

At 11:55am on August 27, 2012, Catherine P. said…

Thanks for the friend invitation.  I enjoyed listening to your music!  You have some guitar pieces - very nice.  Do you play as well?

At 6:12pm on July 15, 2012, Charles Coleman said…

Hey Adrian!  Congrats on the people's choice win!  A perfectly valid setting. :)

At 5:37pm on July 15, 2012, Jamie Sutherland said…

Yeah its still in the process of being written at the moment, but I look forward to hearing the piece even through Sibelius. Kevin has a good musical vision, much like yourself.

At 11:23am on July 15, 2012, Jamie Sutherland said…

Congratulations on your win! I wouldn't be surprised if your piece won in the other categories , it was quite the piece ;) 

At 10:47am on June 11, 2012, Tarek B.Moon said…

yea i figured that its not ur style ... but thnx :D

At 10:09am on June 11, 2012, Tarek B.Moon said…

Just checked ur music , sounds so awesome ... like it very much 

keep going :D

At 9:43pm on September 1, 2011, Fernando said…
Very much enjoyed your music. Regards
At 6:40am on April 11, 2011, Sandy Herrault said…
Adrian,  Hi.  I appreciate the comment, but I couldn't find where exactly 'music dissection' was.  Do I just start a blog?  Thanks.  I'll post the PDF.
At 8:26pm on February 4, 2011, Minseo Park said…
Thank you very much for accepting my friend invitation.  Cheers!
At 3:16am on December 20, 2010, Nigel Keay said…

Congratulations, a nice work; I like the way the viola line runs, it would be very satisfying to play, and with the underlying harmony it seems to evoke a certain nostalgia.

At 4:38pm on October 18, 2010, James F. May II said…
I did disappear - I tend to do that sometimes. But yes, I'm back. Thanks for the message. I hope all is well with you.
At 11:04am on August 29, 2010, Paul Mitchell-Davidson said…
Hi Adrian,
I have finally been able to watch and listen to 'Angel Meadow'.
I think your music works perfectly with the very striking and poignant images.
The main theme is very beautiful and establishes the mood immediately.It is is well developed throughout the piece.
The orchestration is excellent,the choice of instruments works extremely well with the visuals and shows real flair.
I suppose the piece is essentially pastiche but the style is absolutely right for the subject matter.
The way you use the main theme reminds me a little of the late Michael Kamen,a composer I admire a lot.
I don't know if you are familiar with his amazing music for 'Band of Brothers' if not check it out and you'll see what I mean.
Well done, Ireally enjoyed it.
At 8:50am on August 23, 2010, Paul Mitchell-Davidson said…
hi Adrian,
have just been trying to view 'Angel Field' but it doesn't seem to be streaming properly.
Maybe it's my computer. is there another way i can view it as the bit I managed to see looks and sounds great.
At 6:54am on August 22, 2010, Paul Mitchell-Davidson said…
Hi Adrian,
I was going to listen to the piece (manchester) you mentioned and I seem to have lost the links. Could you resend them please.
At 10:53am on August 2, 2010, Paul Mitchell-Davidson said…
Hi Adrian,
I'll have a look/listen to your piecein a day or so. Sounds an interesting project.
Meanwhile perhaps you can help me.
I have uploaded some pieces but some of the titles appear to be in Chinese!
I edited them in the appropriate place but where they play back it is still in oriental script which I can't seem to edit..

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