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 why is contemporary music regardless of style so bad? lve heard many theorys such as the dominance of technology in the music making process, the short sightedness of record companies;however to me none of these theorys get to the bottom of the problem.I think the crux of the problem is cultural decline due to our increasing alienation from nature. The advance of technology means we interact more with machines and less with other living things.the international economy runs on a rigid scedule, allowing us less time to interact with the more intricate rhythms of nature; also in rich countries when individuals acquire enough serplus capital, communities tend to collapse. cooperating and helping others so they will help you in times of need becomes less important, so traditions which bind people together are lost.individuals become isolated,and more dependant on machines and technology for entertainment.I beleive that the true source of inspiration is nature ,not just living with nature, but living in accordance with our true human nature as well.As modern life forces us to be more like machines we are loosing this innate source of inspiration, and the resolt is dead culture and dead music. I have no overall solution for this problem.there are certain things that can be done to ameliorate some aspects of the problem.but an overall solution seems impossable.l do however have my own kind of individual 2002 l moved to an isolated area on the island of java, indonesia.l live in a small community(only 30 permant residances) by the indian ocean. when l'm not walking along the coast l'm composing music. the music l write is without referance to the latest trends , or comparisons to what is happening else where.taking its inspiration directly from the local enviroment. anyway this is my own personal way of dealing with cultural decline, l would like to hear from other artist and musicians who have come up with their own personal solutions to this problem. keep creating,daryl sprake

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Comment by Noah Fraioli on March 2, 2012 at 2:30pm

This sounds like something I could have written when I was going through my anti-civilization phase.

No, not all contemporary music is bad. There are some songs that I come back to again and again because I believe that there is something inherently good about them. Trust me, you're not alone in believing that people out there continue to write bad music, but I don't think you should lump everybody into that same category.

Comment by Matthew Pelandini on February 27, 2012 at 7:07pm

Fredrick:  That is a GREAT book!

Comment by Tyler Hughes on February 25, 2012 at 5:50pm

Im a little confused by your blog and what exactly you find at fault with contemporary music, and which music exactly you are talking about. I feel like you are generalizing ALL contemporary music, be it popular, classical, and everything in between. But further reading would suggest that your grievances is with a particular type of music, though you are not specific. I also feel like you are lumping people into a whole. What you said might apply to some people, people you know or have witnessed yourself, however one can't assume that applies to everyone. People like myself, and Im sure many on this site, would disagree that they are letting traditions fall and are becoming reliant to technology. 

I also have to agree with Fredrick, all of what you said could have been and was said or written about 20 years ago, 200 years ago, and 2000 years ago. Culture hasn't declined in the least bit, we are just more aware of it and we live in this time so we see all of it. We have faulty memories of the past and history tends to show the past in a light more positive in comparison to our current time. However, the faults you found with today's culture and music are not new. These complaints were prevalent in Beethoven's time, Bach's time, and even in Plato's time. You are one of a long line of composers that sought an escape form the world around them they perceive as falling in standard.  

Overall, there seems to be a lot of generalizations and false conclusions being made, as well as applying ones own morals and views upon others to make these conclusions. We can't assume we know the creative process of everyone, or know what inspires them. We also can not assume that nature inspires everyone, or that it inspires us to make high quality music or the same music. 

I would impress upon you to ask your self much more specific questions as to what exactly you don't like about contemporary music. When you analysis what you dislike and you truly understand it, you can make a much more informed opinion about what exactly you find at fault with contemporary music and what music within the umbrella of contemporary music you dislike and why. 

I would also again agree with Fredrick, the book "The Rest is Noise" is a good read. Highly suggested when it comes to this particular subject. 

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