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What gets my attention on this site / what doesn't

Speaking only for myself, here are a few thoughts about what catches my attention on this site and what does not. This is my opinion only, it represents no-one but me.

1) GETS my attention: music posts by composers of individual pieces which show up on the home page wall or blog posts. I don't mind if these are located on this site or soundcloud or somewhere else. If they show up on the homepage or blog posts, I check most if not all of them out. I also check out the video posts, though less often. DOES NOT GET my attention: posts asking me to check out an album or a personal website or a homepage on this site with one of those sound players on it, or posts which do not show up on the homepage wall.

2) GETS my attention: debate-style posts where someone proposes whether classical music is dead or argues for or against atonalism, etc. DOES NOT GET my attention: those same posts when they go on forever and include wide diversions from the original topic.

3) GETS my attention: short posts. DOES NOT GET my attention: long posts.

4) GETS my attention: critique of music which attempts to offer compliments where deserved and thoughtful critique intended to help the author gain something meaningful out of the discussion without being insulted or demolished. DOES NOT GET my attention: anything which is not like that.


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Comment by michael diemer on June 26, 2014 at 12:01am

Works for me.

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