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Tonight's Tune: Peter Gabriel's 'Red Rain'

Before retiring for the evening, I gave a listen to one of my fusion favorites. This recording contains a variety of interesting instrumentation, with a surprising number of synth patches, from spacey elec piano to ethereal ambient sounds. The power comes from an unusual sounding elec bass which possesses a lot of very low end without being muddy. The percussion performances are awesome, a real assault on the senses, with a 'world' busy style that is never too much, always tasteful. The recording itself is a huge accomplishment. It's a perfect mix. An overall ambiance allows the staccato drums(real and synth) to cut through with lots of definition. It's an amazing soundscape- a large space with reverb and echo that does not dull or muddy the waters. An amazing piece of music. Now I need to mellow out before bed..... It may require 30 minutes of Eno's Music For Airports.

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