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So, what am I thinking? What pops first to my mind is the nasty burnt back I got from the sun today. But it will pass I suppose. When I touch it it hurts though, I wonder how I'll manage to get some sleep tonight. 


So the other day a friend of mine came by the house, asking for some help with a song she had written a couple of years ago but never finished it. I manged to slip in some more chords than the I-V she had there, but hell, I couldn't get her to put in a nice dimished one, not even for some weird modulation she had thrown in there. "They don't sound good on the guitar" she said. For those that she could play on it-you see they are not nice and versalite like the piano. But anyway. So we struck a deal. "I am going to write a song on the piano. You will sing it. I will do whatever I want, I will modulate it, put in diminished, augmented chords, anything I fancy and you will write it the lyrics and then sing it with no complaints. Deal?" .

"Deal" she said.


And so I begun writing my first work for piano and voice, which is still 20-25 bars long, but it will grow, I'm telling you.

And since the last two weeks I begun looking through a pdf version of Schoenberg's "Structural Functions of Harmony", while I wait for my copy to be delivered through the mail, I think a fresh, new piece will be the best thing to get a bit more wild than the usual.

I want to gradually become more familiar with wondering around tonality harmonies, using the melodic minor scale to my advantage, aesthetically-wise, going through the boundaries I had before due to my lack of knowledge.

But, this is a song, so things cannot get crazy. But hey, I still can do whatever I want in the bridges and solo parts of it :D


So, what do I have in mind for it? Hmmm, since I am totally inexperienced in vocal works, I had to go around looking a bit, what it would demand from the accompaniament. And my first destination was beethoven's songs, which are actually new to me. I did like Ich liebe dich (am i even spelling this right? No I won't be tempted to google it.). And a couple of others with titles that I wouldn't even dare to pronounce, not to say remember them. 


I think this will be a good point to start things again, from scratch, I get to write the harmonies, and simple enough motives, and of cource the sung melody, while things are kept neat and simple. 

You see, I realised that I was getting nowhere. There where ideas now and again, that would be written down, and then I always hit a wall. Is it the lack of talent? The lack of experience? The lack of harmonic knowledge? 

To be honest, I have no idea. All I care is to blow up that wall. And then we'll see.

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