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l compose mainly in a classical style(l also compose and perform blues rock jazz and nonsense music).the reason l like to compose in a classical style is not because l beleive it is better than other styles, but because l beleive of all the major styles of music it is the least developed,and therefore has the most potential .   For the whole history of classical music there has been some institution in control ,first the church then the aristocracy then the upper classes  then the universities and conservatories and orchestras, as a result classical music has become like a bonsi tree,stunted and unable to grow.Other major styles of music have already peaked and now are in a period of decline , but now as we enter the digital age classical music has can  free its self from the deadening influence of institutions and reach its true potential. Towards this end l'm trying to revitalise classical music in two ways, firstly by emphazing melody and strong emotion,secondly by developing a new emotionaly deeper and broader aesthetic free from the cliches and rigid intellectualism of the past.


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Comment by Tyler Hughes on February 28, 2012 at 8:43pm

Then I would have to disagree with you that music from the common practice period, or "classical music" is under developed. It lasted over 3 centuries and is the basses of all modern music now. Rock, country, pop wouldn't be what it is now if it wasn't for the common practice period. 

Its a common mistake to believe that the church, the aristocracy, and the universities controlled how music was made, but the fact is that music back then had a lot of creative control with little intervention from external sources. This became even more true as the period pressed on and we approached the Romantic era and the rise in the concert hall and independent composers starting with Beethoven. So many innovations and music was created in those centuries by hundreds of composers, if not thousands. It made appear that its underdeveloped because art of composing was thought of differently than it is now. As were today we think of composing as an art comparable to visual arts, during the beginning of the common practice period composing was more or less compared to a skill like the culinary arts or carpentry. But as the period continued you will see that that thinking begins to shift to what we think of composing now. 

If anything the period we live in now is the most underdeveloped. since its only a century old and many of the "isms" are still in their beginning forms and many of the composers of this century are still writing. We are in another period of exploration because we have such a developed period before us. 

We live in a period of eclecticism, where all styles are up for grabs. So much so that their are groups of composers that are doing what you are doing as well, and has been since the early part of the 1900s with the Neo-classical composers. Many of who were composers who sought out styles of the past.

I would implore you to really study the common practice period, and even look up some of the what the neoclassical and composers of the new accessible school are doing, because it sounds like that is where you are going but not aware of it yet. 

Comment by daryl sprake on February 28, 2012 at 6:29pm

any music most would consider classical

Comment by Tyler Hughes on February 28, 2012 at 8:07am

When you say classical music, are you referring to music specifically from the classical era, or just any music that most would consider classical music i.e. music of the common practice period (1650-1875)?

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