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Just an old song of mine in a home recording from last summer. Me and a friend on guitars and him also singing it as my voice was quite out of order. Since it has Greekk lyrics I give a rough translation





Sunset descents to Rialto,

I sat somewhere thoughtful to eat something,

I say to myself, "let's order as a first dish

risotto and peas, which I love!"


And the waiter says,

"this dish is served only for two".


Damn! What choice does he give me,

is it a diner for laughs or for grieving?

Should I say to strike out the risotto

and bring only just the peas?


Venice is a city for two,

in my loneliness an unlooked for fasting.


I say, "for a first bring me some ravioli,

for main dish a roasted steak",

so he goes and I'm left watching the naughty babes,

then Venice seems to have everything.


The only thing it does not have is risotto,

for a lunatic joker (Pierrot Lunaire).


I will eat my diner alone,

I will have my wine in small slow sips,

I will remember you and I will love you,

but when I will possess again my seeing ability,


I will make a lip for different clear skies,

and night will finally descent in Rialto

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