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So it's been ages that I logged in here. Lots of things have been going on , good and bad. Lucky some of those things were music as well.

When I joined this forum last year I just started to venture beyond my edm work and tried to get into writing 'music for the media'. In this relative short time I actually managed to even make some progress although I unfortunately couldn't focus on it 100%.

The most interesting thing that happened was getting a shot at doing the music for a major new dutch tv series in production. I scored a big part of the pilot episode but unfortunately the director didn't want to take the risk in the end and went for one his 'trusted' composers instead.Still I got a taste of what writing music for tv is all about ( the deadline is NOW and the director's instructions extremely vague haha ). I hope more oppurtunities like this will present itself although it's not very easy in this part of the world.

I did manage to make some actual money though in this whole new adventure. It was an extremely unglamourous job for a music library but considering the kind of work and what I read about it here the pay wasn't too bad.

Anyways, time to stop procrastinating and actually get some work done now.

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