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Sonivox Broadway Lites (LE version of Broadway Big Band)

Just been messing around with this new lib for me, trying to get under my hat the VERY advanced and complex system they have for keyswitch triggering. Its miles past any lib I have seen out there in terms of what it can do for you. Anyway this is a REAL quick unmixed output. I did spend time working on keyswitch editing but thats about it, otherwise all audio is coming through one stereo channel, with one reverb and thats it. Ill be working on this and reposting as time goes on the next few weeks.



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Comment by Chris Alpiar on August 11, 2011 at 6:21pm

yea just bway lites, I wanted to see if there was going to be a lot of fakeness to the sound from that "too clean sample singing out of phase with its duplicates" which is working well IMO. there is 1 "legato" version of each instrument (built to play like a monophonic synth and with all the 'in between' stuff programmed for jumps from each note possible) and then there is one polyphonic version also with the same samples but built to play multiple notes at once. So in that last phrase I did like this


trp1 (trp 'legato')

trp2 (harmon mute trumpet 'legato' patch)

trp3/4 (trp 'polyphonic' patch)


tbn1 (tbn 'legato')

tb2 2/3 (tbn 'poly')


then for depth on that last bit I added soprano to the section and used it like this:

sax1 (soprano legato)

sax2 (alto legato - doubling in unison some parts of the soprano)

sax3 (tenor legato)

sax4 (alto poly)

sax5 (tenor poly)

sax6 (bari legato)

i played them all in real time to get different feel, and different sfz< Yea the crescendo is sloppy, ill have to clean it up a bit, but it sounded more like a sloppy band than me being lazy. after I played them all, I messed around with quantize in certain parts at 80% to tighten them up but not too much.


No real panning or level mixing. that woud be the next part: bring up 3 different convoltion reverbs, 1 for sax, 1 for bone, 1 for trp, and then pan them as a section. Any instruments that I used multiple instruments on the same patch (like trp 3/4) then I would look for another patch, like first call horns maybe so that I had only one instrument per patch so I can pan them accordingly and really create a section sound. probably make each section with a 45 degree pan arc, each section slightly offset from each other, maybe compression on the sections but the sounds feel like no eq or lots of deep work is needed for my taste. Maybe as I keep working with them Ill find need for mix spice

Comment by phil Kelly on August 11, 2011 at 4:19pm
These were ONLY the BWY lite samples here right ? ( No layering with the other package )
Comment by Chris Alpiar on August 10, 2011 at 10:30pm
not even messing with rhythm section at this point, just fooling around with keyswitch and stacking thicker voicings, seeing how 'real' stacked voicings sound, which arent bad, they dont sound all out of phase like many libs do when you are creating multiphonic voicings based on one sample. And I really love the round robin they have for repetition notes, check out the straight but swing inflected 8th note line at the end of this clip

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