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What is meant by "A plug-in is needed to display this content" ? After being inactive on this site for some time my music posts are being blocked from playing. ?

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Comment by H. S. Teoh on August 18, 2017 at 2:47pm

It just means Flash Player needs to be installed for certain controls of the website to work.

Personally, I never bothered with installing Flash Player.  It is ancient technology that Adobe itself has largely abandoned, and with the advent of HTML5 most websites (and browsers) are moving away from Flash to greener fields.  I suppose Ning, our fine host, or perhaps the largely absent maintainers of this forum themselves, found themselves with a legacy system in their lap that takes too much effort to replace, therefore they have yet to take action in this regard. Perhaps once enough major browsers stop supporting Flash altogether, which event I foresee already looming on the horizon, there will be no recourse but to replace the decrepit system with something that actually works properly without inordinate effort on the part of the user.

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