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Oh my oh my.

I suppose I'm doing this for myself, but I guess some people could enjoy it if they please.

In my blog i'll put whatever may be interesting - most likely my thoughts on projects I'm doing at the moment, and with that let's talk about my long term involvement in,

Pokemon ReOrchestrated.

Pokemon ReOrchestrated is a project started by youtube activist/pokemon fan, Skotein who enjoyed the ZERO, or Zelda ReOrchestrated project. He has dedicated his time (And the rest of the team, which is only me at the moment) to revitalizing the themes from the Pokemon game franchise. While the music from Pokemon is not musically as popular and well known as the work Koji Kondo did in the legend of zelda, it carries it's own unique lightness and airy fun, which as you'll learn, is not my favorite style - but I think I'll live.

In that link above you'll find Skotein's blog posts, he has already put up the promotional "A Place Called Pallet Town" which is what convinced me I had to join.

So thats the fun little blog post for now. I hope to make more like this, short but with a point!

Until next time,
~Chris Rodier

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