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Some months ago I had gone for a walk to the junk shops downtown. Among other things, those places are pure heaven for getting vinyl records. So while browsing through, I stumble upon this 21 record colection of Beethoven's piano works (all of them), played by no other than the mighty Alfred Brendel. "How much", I ask. "1 euro each. You want them". "Damn yes I do.". The package included the record notes and the box, and 21 records in pretty much good to excellent condition. The most curious and interesting thing, is that these records are now 45 years old-damn they still sound perfect!

So, today I got motivated to fix the turntable system-some stupid thing with the ground produced noise and made listening to anything unbearable. Well, I got rid of that sucker, replaced with a kenwood KD-2000 I had lying around, and with some engineering improvising on the ground I got it as silent as it gets.

I'm telling you folks, this is heaven.

And another note. Death to sloppy preamp and stereo systems designers. No ground for the turntable? Seriously?

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