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For all you big band jazz fans, I just posted a cut I wrote for the UNT 2 oclock band ( led by Jay Saunders ) called " I 8 da Whole Thing " from their nier new double CD " Two Tows" ( available as a down load from UNT. ) These kids have put out an outstanding project and y'all outta go to the UNT site and check it out !!

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Comment by Gav Brown on September 20, 2012 at 8:04pm

A well performed piece with high production values. I listened to it 2 times spaced a few days apart and came away with the same impression both times - that while the jamming is enjoyable, there is no melody in the piece which sticks in my head - I come away from it and can't remember what I just listened to. That said, it really was pleasant while I was listening to it. Best -

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