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New Projects update: MY new Origin CD and Primo Kims new vocal CD

I'm really excited about the two projects I've managed to bring to fruition this summer: My third Big Band CD and a vocal project for Seattle singer / pianist
Primo Kim . The vocal project couldn't have been pulled off without the invaluable help of fellow composer Chris Alpier, who managed to turn three full live symphonic orchestrations into actual music with his programming skills. ( unfortunately , due to copyright restrictions, I can't post the final tracks here, but when the CD is avaiable, I'll post a link to it. )

1. My new Origin CD "Ballet of the Bouncing Beagles" will be mastered on Sept 14. and is set for November release. Chris Alpiers' string programming on "Grover" worked beautifully !

2. The Primo Kim Project is moving along slowly, but Primo says the final two orchestral things we worked on will be mixed Sept 4. ( "Love Dance " was mixed last month -it took a lot longer than Primo expected but was about par for the course for an orchestral mix -6 hrs -but David Lange
( the engineer ) and I are both very happy with the results.

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Comment by phil Kelly on September 6, 2009 at 2:16pm
As I mentioned earlier, I can't legally post the Kim arrangements because they involve copyrights of others work, ( I wish I could they came off beautifully! )

However, when my CD is mastered , I can at least put "Grover" up on my page so you can hear CHris great string programming.

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