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New music at Nashville Symphony w/Leonard Slatkin....

Was very pleased to catch a few new compositions at last night's concert:

Leanna Primiani's "Sirens" - a modern tone poem based on the Greek myth...

Cindy McTee's "Einstein's Dream" - recorded and modified computer sounds, percussion and strings -
done without a click track!

Rob Mathes's "A Standing Ground: Concertino for Orchestra" - an homage to the poems of Wendell Berry of Kentucky; Copland and Schoenberg would have been proud...

I got to meet Slatkin at the break; after the Vandy physics professor in front of me got finished with making some REALLY lame jokes "you're a SUPER-conductor" (Oi!), I thanked the maestro for programming fresh, newer music and was delighted to see how down to earth he was about things.... Too bad his artistic contract is up the end of this season, but it's been a heck of a run.

Listen with great big ears on - it's almost too much for one sitting!

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Comment by phil Kelly on February 10, 2009 at 3:00pm
Kudos to Maestro Slatkin for programming new music!

I wish more orchestras would follow that path, but so many are scuffling for financial support , they're loath to possibly offend their usually very conservative base ( read: play it safe -program the warhorses ) :)

Phil Kelly

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