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Today I added some B3 stabs to the tune at the 3:00 mark. I think it adds some pizazz. Let me know what you think. For this version I put a lot of time into adjusting levels again and brightening up the upper mids. I think it's done now...  I added it to my play list.

That's TWO recordings finished and about ...ten more to go for the album. Yikes!

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Comment by Doug Lauber on March 28, 2011 at 12:06pm
Thanks Chris! Yeah- we all sort of know what utopia is as a concept, although it doesn't exist as a reality. The great thing about being sagittarian, is the ability to be creatively free, like Hendrix and Beethoven. It's a taste of utopia. ...I am having a lot of trouble getting back into photography. I sort of lost my 'muse'...and music requires so much time and energy.

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