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This was a very exciting and challenging day or two – particularly as I was using sordino strings combined with the LA Scoring Strings full library – and I wanted a particular sound (in my head I was thinking of John Barry meets Tron Legacy for some reason). I used VSL for the woodwinds, and VSL and Project Sam for the brass.

I added some basic choir ‘ahs’ from Symphony Of Voices, piano, some synth fx, synth bass (I always feel that a little synth bass or electric bass tucked way under the contrabass strings helps wonders in midi mockups!) and – for the very first time – I recorded some room tone. To my ears at least, having that barely audible sound of hiss/room noise makes all the difference.

Here is the current mix, Mix 10. The stereo mix was a little quiet so it has been boosted by about 11dB – has a touch of the enhance feature on the Oxford Limiter – and it then went through the TC MD3 and Brickwall Limiter – for a little stereo widening – and 0.5-1dB limiting.

I hope you enjoy it. All the best :) NH

'Believe' - On SoundCloud

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Comment by Nick Hinton on January 20, 2012 at 7:24pm

Hi Ray,

Thanks for your comment and feedback.

I think SoundCloud in all its wondrous lo-fi might be causing that sound that you might be hearing in its dodgy compression. Great thought though about the high end in the violins, it's always a tricky balance ;) All the best - Nick

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