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Comment by Bob Morabito on November 2, 2016 at 9:39pm

Thank again Ingo--

I very much appreciate your kind suggestions-EXCELLENT!--and will really give them some thought.

Thanks so much:)


PS Is there any music of yours I can listen to?

Comment by Ingo Lee on November 1, 2016 at 4:08pm

I agree Bob, as you say, making changes to an existing piece is a hazardous step, I should have specified that as a suggestion looking forward rather than revising existing works.

I still think you should consider using larger groups though, or even some electronic/ acoustic mixes. The chances of performance may be less, but there are clear expressive advantages to a wider tonal palette and the ultimate goal (me talking here) is to attract attention to your body of work as a whole, and this gives your music a new and valuable dimension that will attract a wider audience in my opinion.

Comment by Bob Morabito on November 1, 2016 at 3:29pm

HI Ingo--Thanks for replying and your kind words about my music:)

Your suggestions are very much appreciated:

1) Works for larger groups are in the making/planning stage--they have been held back by the realization that the larger the number of performers involved, the less chance it has to be performed. My thinking has been only after one has started to become more known and established would it be really prudent to spend the time involved in composing these works, and reserve that for when they have a realistic chance of performance.

2) As for the longer intensity phrases, this is an area of great concern, and concern for detail with me. Phrases are chosen that carry on ideas, in sometimes not the most obvious way, and changing even one thing very oftentimes leads to destroying that continuation, and also interferes with the forward momentum of the piece, which usually equates to me of effectively ruining the piece.

Of course I know many have different opinions on these matters-but in the long run, the most important person/critic is the composer themselves..and if it works for them, Ive seen TOO many times where changing it for others and second and third guessing oneself simply leads to a MESS!!:)

Thanks much for replying Ingo--very much appreciated:)

Thanks Bob

Comment by Ingo Lee on November 1, 2016 at 2:06pm

I had a chance to visit your Soundcloud page Bob and I am impressed with your body of work. Unfortunately I could only listen to some of it but I enjoyed that, and I like the intricate and inventive phrasing and expression; I envy your well of original ideas.

I would be interested to hear works for larger groups from you. I also would like to hear more overall contrast in your rhythm phrasing. This may not be an accurate suggestion as I was not able to listen to all of your pieces but while you have good variety of rapid subdivisions and short phrases, it seems that long drawn out low intensity phrases are relatively rare. I feel that more variety here would enhance your obvious strengths. Good work!

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