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Well... after some nerve racking skin grafting surgery, it appears that my leg will remain free from amputation. The operation was a partial success (after painful complications), and I'm pleased to say that the ulcers are healing (slowly but surely). The only part of my foot that is having problems is the toe next to my big toe, and it doesn't matter how large or numerous the ulcers are, the pain always seems the same (unbearable). However, I'm still being dosed up with morphine etc, and the worse case scenario from here is the possibility of losing a toe (the 2nd biggest one), which is a far more acceptable outcome than losing half my leg.

So fingers crossed, and thanks for all your messages of goodwill, which I'm sure were meant quite sincerely.


Simon Godden

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Comment by Simon Godden on November 27, 2011 at 2:06am

Thank you George and Ann for your sincere comments (they really do mean a lot).  Greg, thank you too.  It's funny you should mention that sort of cure, because there was one day (about a week before my operation), that I was about to change my dressing, and cut all the bandages off, and was horrified to see a multitude of maggots crawling around the infected areas.  But the funny thing was, they didn't particularly make my pain any worse.  I immediately called up South East Health (it was a weekend, my GP's surgery was closed), and they booked me an appointment, saying that I would probably have to be taken in (to hospital).  However, when I arrived for my appointment, I was met by this young female African doctor (she had a very strong Nigerian accent, so I just assumed that she was African and had not long been in the UK), and she said immediately "I am not worried about the maggots, they are very very good".  Of course, by then, I had completely rinsed out the wounds and re-bandaged them up, so there were no maggots to show her.  She then told me that maggots will eat nothing but dead and infected tissue.  Sad to say, they never came back, but of course by then, I was strapped to the operating table in East Grinstead having skin grafts.

Adrian, I'm pretty sure that you are one of my friends on this forum, if you look down the list of your incoming messages, you'll get more of an idea of what's happened to me over the last year (+).


Cheers, and thanks.



Comment by Greg Orme on November 26, 2011 at 10:35pm

There's something that may help you. I had a bad whiplash for about 6 years, intense pain that was probably only decreasing 5% a year. Then I found something that got rid of 3/4 of the pain in a week. It's called serrapeptase, it's the enzyme the silkworm puts out to dissolve its cocoon.It seems to eat  dead and inflamed tissue and I think it ate up the scars around my whiplash, apparently it also eats away arthritic problems and cholesterol build up in the arteries. If it works it might well get rid of your pain in a week too, otherwise it might not work at all. It's very cheap though to try. It literally delivered me from a life of chronic intense pain that made it hard to even think about anything else.

Comment by Ann Rodela on November 26, 2011 at 5:08pm

It sounds as if you made significant progress.  Have you documented in a journal? If so, your future memoir will absolutely inspiring and amazing! 

Comment by Adrian Allan on November 26, 2011 at 3:57pm

what is it exactly you've been suffering from, mate?

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