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so after a long month of writing and trying to figure out how to write out what I hear in my head I finally finished my choral piece. You will notice there is no recording. Thats because I cannot create a mock up of this piece due to the nature of the piece. Im just posting the PDF here until I can get it read.


Next to of course god america For Choir

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Comment by Tim Marko on April 10, 2012 at 3:26pm


Looks and sounds interesting.  I played through a bit of it with what little keyboard skills I have, and like the consanant to dissonant (ms 17-18) and back (19-20) exchanges in the harmonies.


I believe the notation in ms. 5-10 are clusters (bar through whole notes) but what are the black triangles notation for?  I'm not very familiar with contemporary notation.


Looking forward to hearing the piece once you get it read.




Comment by Tombo Rombo on April 10, 2012 at 2:44pm

I like the idea, hard for me to hear in my mind (I need to get my keyboard fixed to attempt to play through).  Reminds me, of course, of Ives.  along those lines, maybe some more tempo changes, things like "slightly faster", "with energy", "with lots of feeling, come on folks!".  I've been reading through my book of Ives songs and he does a lot of that.  The parts with multiple lines seem like they might be a bit hard to read (for example, there is one spot in the beginning where a rest and a note collide).  I hope you get a read through soon!

I've never seen the notation in the beginning, I can sort of guess what it means, but you will of course add some notes so readers will know how to interpret it.

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