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I've had a bad day so I'm feeling a little grumpy. Sorry. So I'll get right to it.

I like to listen to the music that folks post here. I am surprised at the talent. Most of us are hobbyist and care about what we post. I know that SoundCloud is a popular place to post music. That's fine. But SoundCloud does not work on my Android tablet or phone. The Forum sponsored method of posting mp3's (which was the way I thought we were supposed to post music) works just fine. The main reason I hear for not using this method is that files go over the 7 mb limit. There are several easy ways to add more compression and make the files smaller. People that can't figure out how to do this have more to learn about their computers than they think. Sound quality will not suffer greatly unless your piece is 20 minutes long to begin with. Does anyone remember making a multi-track reel-to-reel master, then mixing down to stereo, then making cassettes of that. By the time you were done your music sounded like it was played on metal trash cans. Most of the time, I want to hear your composition techniques, Though I prefer a decent sound set to midi. And I'm not going to buy an iPad so I can use the SoundCloud app. Even is someone gave me an iPad, I'd probably give it away before I would use it. What's more, I'm not a strong believer in "the cloud". It has nothing to do with being an Old Fart, or afraid of technology, or not wanting to learn new things. I own a smart phone, a tablet with a data plan, a reasonably powerful laptop, two more powerful desktops. I read ebooks. I watch movies on my laptop. I write music on my laptop. I fix computers for my friends because I think it's fun. I pay for high speed internet.

No, it has to do with the internet not being dependable. In spite of everything, I can't always get on the internet when I want. Someday the internet will be fast and cheap (or free) and safe. And no, a Mac is not the answer. You just trade one set of problems for another.

Anyway, I feel much better. Thanks for putting up with an old grump. Now that I'm on my laptop, I'll go listen to some SoundCloud posts.


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