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I am thrilled by a new force in my compositin: writing for winds.  There is something unique about the winds and brass instruments.  I have written much for saxophone and saxophone quartet lately, and also for wind ensemble.  If you ever want to break into this exciting genre, just transcribe something for a school wind ensemble, and KAPOW you've got pieces being played.  

This brngs me to one of my questions:  why don't more composers write for school groups?  It seems to me that if you want to actually hear your music being played by human beings, and you don't have a large ensemble in your back pocket, writing for schools would be a great way to get performances.  Almost any school I have encountered over the years would love to do a piece of new music.  You would be surprised at what a high school wind ensemble is both willing and capable of performing.  In my little neck of the woods here in Washington State, there are several high school wind symphonies that are willing and capable of playing very difficult and (most importantly) very new music.

For those of you looking for an outlet, consider your local high school.

That is, however, if you are living in the states.  I have no experience with this outside of the US.  I do know that finding performance opportunities in Europe is somewhat easier than in the US.  You'll have to advise me on this. 

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