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I've learned a few things while mixing Ostinato Trip. I used the Katz method of parallel compression. Fantastic! Another great discovery- kick drum replacement. This technique allowed me to create a MIDI track which triggered any available kick drum sample. I combined the track with the new sample, with the original kick drum recording, with excellent results.


Now that I am comfortable with these two new techniques, it is my duty to apply these effects to my previous recording of 'Solstice'. techniques encourage a re-working of older material.

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Comment by Doug Lauber on March 21, 2011 at 10:54pm

Update: I am doing a third re-mix of Ostinato Trip, working with reverb, EQ, and levels. Snare drum is too loud in places. Kick drum is a tad too loud. Generally adjusting clip pan and gain envelopes. It's possible to create an EQ envelope, so rather than doing a general high-pass filter on a clip, I'm only using a high-pass when the layering is dense. So, in a section where there are no frequency conflicts, I can afford to use a fuller frequency range for an instrument. For example a couple of bars of Hammond, elec bass, and drums- I would not high-pass the Hammond as much as the following bars where there is competition with layered guitars.


I started to re-mix the previous tune, 'Solstice' too. Some tracks need to be brighter...

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