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I made a lot of progress today mixing 'Instamatic'. I'd say just a few more days of work and the first mix version will be finished! I almost named this tune, 'Harsh and Tender', because the tune combines two different approaches- a tender, sensitive jazz-ish mood, with sections that are harsh, aggressive, and driving. The tender sections use piano and fr horn, while the harsh sections use distorted guitar improvs that alternate with sax improvs, and for those sections there is a distorted Hammond background.


I've used a variety of approaches to reverb effects. I'm using more convolution reverb. I'm creating a dry track and then creating a completely wet reverb track, so it's easy to add or subtract, by adjusting the clip's gain envelope. Sometimes I add a non-destructive reverb effect as a Sonar plug-in, and that allows the advantage of creating a clip envelope for controlling the degree of wetness or room size or a number of different reverb parameters.


As I mentioned, I applied reverb to the drum submix and like the results of that approach. I tried a more severe compression on the drum submix also- two different compression stages.

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