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Mathis der Maler anyone? (Blomstedt)

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

I am now addicted to this composition/recording. The first two movements are perfect. The third is too scattered for my tastes.

Yesterday, I spent about 6 hours transforming the instrumentation for Osaka Suite- the new name for the 3-part composition, 'Equinox'. I have quite a few synth patches that I have never used in a recording, so I took the time to record a number of them, to be possibly used in lieu of the electric piano patch, which plays the ascending arpeggio of the Em11 chord- the basis of the composition. At the end of the day, I started improvising an acoustic piano part and I'm happy with the way it went.

On Monday or Tuesday, I should receive drum tracks from a musician/collaborator in Nantucket, MA.
I'm eager to hear his work! ...Today it's a 72 sunny degrees in Phoenix. Life is good.

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