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Mark Taylor Launches the At What Age Project at

Here's the latest news! I'm finishing off my third CD. A project titled "At What Age". It features my new quartet with some special guests contributing poetry and other instruments and lots of new music by yours trul...y. I'm even bringing out the Mellophone on a couple of pieces! You know you don't want to miss that!

To make this happen, I'm partnering with, a great website that makes funding the project surprisingly easy and painless (I get 100% of the money raised, minus the fee Amazon charges to process credit cards). The more help I can get, the more I can guarantee that this thing will be done right: from recording, mixing, and mastering, to pressing amazing looking CDs, to hiring a publicist to really get the album out there.

So, follow the link, read all about this amazing project (watch my video!?!) and become a part of making "At What Age" a reality.

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