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Hi all,

Well I've realised that my LASS demos have received a lot of attention so I thought I'd post up something new with them.

Although this new piece is scored with just LASS (and a tiny dash of Cinesamples' Cineharp glissandi) it is also really demonstrating the strength of a new library of Impulse Responses called FORTI.

So here I have used the various features of FORTI (particularly the TILT filters) to process the sound.

I've used Waves L1 across the master bus but otherwise I've just used EQ from Vienna Suite and the FORTI filters in the Vienna Convolution. No other effects at all.

Here is the first darker mix.

Then by mostly changing the TILT filters I create a brighter mix.

Here is a raw mix that just has the final reverb on.

I know that some people find LASS tough to work with straight out of the box and I think that FORTI may go a long way to getting a Hollywood sound quick and easily.

Don't forget that for these demos I deliberately restricted myself to LASS and FORTI but obviously I can mix in other libs and other plugins (like PSP Vintage Warmer) as well.



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Comment by James Semple on April 9, 2010 at 3:23am
Chris, I think the Vienna Convolution reverb tends to sound clearer than Altiverb.

Marius ... here is a definition for you ...

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