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Just a little Experiment I did with sound

I am sitting in a room (1969) is one of composer Alvin Lucier's best known works. I attempted to recreate this work myself and this is what the result was. The results were very interesting and might be something I might try again in the future with a slight change.
I am siting in a room.mp3

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Comment by Gordon Gunn on December 16, 2011 at 5:06pm

This is very interesting in that the sound became a minor second rhythm and tones. It would be fascinating to determine what would happen if the pitches of the dialogue were altered to say minor 3rds or augmented 4ths for example. This is a good scoring technique too and it could be scored in rhythmic dialogue format or vocal song form. Very well done for creative thinking and transformation of what is very simple but so effective. I could imagine that classrooms of students could explore this type of divergent thinking composition.  Gordon Gunn

Comment by Peter Simpson on October 15, 2011 at 10:39pm

Hey Tyler,

This is a fascinating experiment to an electronics engineer like me.  You've applied a digital IIR filter to your voice using the room as the transfer function and your voice as the input.  Absolutely fascinating!  I guess this technique could be used to analyze the specific frequencies at which an audio studio is not absorbing sound.

It also demonstrates very well that even low voices have a high-frequency component as one would expect from a Fourier analysis.

Good work - I'd be interested in what slight change yo might make for the next one.




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