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I want to thank those of you who left great and inspiring comments! I have been so busy as of late and so I apologize for

not being apart of the community. My real name is here so I figured I better get a start on again! Its not cool to Google and Bing your name and see "your neglected site"just sitting there. So here I am again! I am traveling alot....

I am going to NYC

then Colorado

then in two months to the Middle East for an Internship for Seven or Eight months....

So for these reasons I am hardly on this site. I will do my best to be here more often....


Great News!

If you check out my YOUTUBE Channel: "Mielyssia Lee"

you will find NEW songs of Mine!

I am going to post a few here....

Listen To: "DFM"

I am happy with this song I created....


Please leave comments and

 Join and Subscribe On Youtube....

Please see my Performance: "I Kiss The Grave" On Youtube

I will Subscribe you back ofcourse!


Again: YOUTUBE: Mielyssia Lee

Thank you all for your encouragement!







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