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Getting Close to Finishing 'Road Trip'

A few days ago I finished tracking, which means all of the instruments have been recorded. Now I'm tweaking each individual track. Each part might have anywhere from 1 to 4 tracks. For example a mono guitar part might require a separate track just for reverb or delay. Or another version of the track might be heavily compressed and then mixed with the original track for fullness. I've finished the lead vocal tracks, except for reverb. I've finished the bass track which required some EQ and compression to even out the levels of each note. I'm almost done with the three electric piano parts. Those three parts have grown into about 8 tracks- tracks processed in different ways, with reverb, EQ, and compression. After these, I'll begin tweaking the supporting elec guitar track...  Mixing is time consuming, but fun, satisfying.

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Comment by Doug Lauber on August 28, 2011 at 11:33am
It's 2 days later now. I can't believe this composition has finally come to fruition! Today I'll polish it up by working on the instrumental break, and hopefully post the MP3 here at CF sometime tomorrow. Yaay!

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