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Hey All. I'm new to the composer's forum. I'm a student and composition major at Cal State San Bernardino. I will be posting my first composition to the forum and my page next week: "Such a Beautiful Moment." It is a religious text praising the moment that the Lord is coming in the time of revelation. It's for alto and tenor vocals and mostly keyboard based instruments: Synthesized strings, acoustic piano, harminium, Odes Maternot (a synth instrument) and percussion. It's going to be presented in its first movement which took the better part of a year to compose. Better yet, I just got moved up to private composition in my private lessons. We have to take a year in our instrument or voice prior to acceptance into composition. I'm taking lessons under Dr. Larry McFatter and I couldn't be happier. The reason I'm waiting until next week to post is because I'm currently where my laptop doesn't have a wireless internet connection and my files aren't on the computer I'm typing from. So, stay tuned for it next week.

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