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Film Score Competition - Public Voting

Hello everyone-

I thought some of you might enjoy seeing/hearing the films and newly composed scores of the VirtualArtists Remix 2014 Film Scoring competition.  One member of Composers Forum made it to the short list!   Betcha can't guess which film and which CF member!  ;-)   We're voting now, until midnight EDT, Saturday August 30.   Anyone can vote, now that the short list has been selected.

If you'd like to listen and/or vote, here's the link:  ReMix 2014 Public Voting

The winning films/scores will be presented at a symposium in North Carolina in mid-September, along with the premieres of winning pieces from our earlier Simply Stunning violin/piano competition.  Simply Stunning

The symposium will be a day long concert/discussion of writing and performing new music.  The morning session is about chamber music or what some of us call "concert music" and the afternoon is about writing for films, games, apps, and other media.   Mozart would have loved both sides of this particular coin!

Here's info about the Symposium, which is entitled "Violins and Videos".   If you live close by, come join us!   One composer is flying from Australia to be on our panel, so perhaps you can also come!  ;-)   Violins and Videos  

Thanks, and enjoy listening!


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Comment by Janet Spangenberg on August 23, 2014 at 4:36pm

I wish I could attend the Symposium, it sounds wonderful! Good luck to the Remix 2014 contestants. I've already voted, and it was a delight!

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