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Dixit Dominus Full Score for sale...

So, I finally decided to resurrect and old composition of mine..."Dixit Dominus". The promo mp3/excerpt is on my page. I was fortunate to have a couple performances of this work. The full score is for sale at in the Choral/Vocal category.

The promo vid for this work can also be seen here:

I composed most of the work when I was about 18 years old and finshed two movements a couple years later. It is very heavy on the Baroque/"Neo Baroque" flavor. At first, I composed the opening chorus just as a stand alone work then decided that it would make sense to use all of the text and make it complete. One can definitely hear the start of my many compositional traits (especially vocally/chorally). When compared to my "Gloria Caribe" (my "Gloria In Excelsis"which was composed about 2 years ago) one recognizes the early traits that are carried over, but with a much more matured vision. Although the Gloria Caribe was is not to be a complex piece. You might say it was one of a few "practice" or "study" compositio (my current octet is another) for my eventual Missa.

This month I should be adding at least two/three other works to the online store. 1 work will be a choral piece I was commissioned to compose for a youth chorus, another will be a choral work for SATB chorus and organ and I might add an Art Song for Mezzo-Soprano and String Quartet....we shall see.

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