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Custom Dynamics plug-in - essential for realistic Sibelius playback

Using custom dynamics is essential to get realistic playback on Sibelius. Here's version 2.0 of my custom dynamics Sibelius plug-in. I put it in: C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Roaming\Avid\Sibelius 7.5\Plugins\Dynamics. With this version, one can now revert to standard dynamics as well as convert to custom dynamics just by selecting appropriate choices in the dynamics mapping  menu.

Custom Dynamics 2.0

(need a Facebook account, and then to join Sibelius Power Users to download)

05 Sept 2015 Al Johnston. This is just the ScaleDynamics plug-in
(written by M. Kilpatrick, and modified by M. Eastwood and B.
Zawalich) but with a modified and augmented dynamics list to
provide for intermediary dynamic values during playback. The
intent is to give more fine-grained control over playback volume.
One can convert to custom dynamics (or else revert to standard
dynamics) by selecting appropriate choices in the dynamics mapping  
menu. It is suggested that the user make the following entries
of effect type Dynamic in the playback dictionary: ppppp, pppp,
ppp, pp, p, mpp, mp, mmp, mmf, mf, mff, f, ff, fff, ffff, fffff.
For each entry, checkmark the word properties, Case Sensitive
and Whole Word. The following are suggested for setting the
playback dictionary entries' Effect Values of Dynamic/Attack:
ppppp    = 19/10
pppp     = 29/20
ppp     = 39/30
pp     = 49/40
p     = 54/45
mpp     = 60/50
mp     = 66/55
mmp     = 70/65
mmf     = 77/70
mf     = 84/75
mff     = 90/80
f     = 100/90
ff     = 108/97
fff     = 115/110
ffff     = 121/117
fffff    = 127/121

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Comment by Al Johnston on October 16, 2015 at 3:46pm

It does work with earlier versions of Sibelius, at least back to version 5. Change Dynamics plugin comes with Sibelius, no extra download needed. So if you find it in the Text plugins pull-down menu then it can be used. (Of course, it might not have all the functionality of the later versions, so check it out.)

Comment by Socrates Arvanitakis on October 13, 2015 at 8:58am

Will it work with earlier versions of Sibelius (I work with 6) or just 7.5?

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