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Integrating LASS 2 as a new user: My template

Previously posted in the AudioBro forums (makers of LASS). This is mostly intended as a helpful view for other composers installing LASS 2 into their setup, but might be useful for others as well:

So it was a pain getting it setup and template worked out. Lots of stuff that isnt made obvious in the documentation that really hung me up. But I have made breakthroughs on Monday and got rolling so I thought I would share my working setup. Previously I have used VSL as my string go to and various East West libs, Acoustic Samples, Sonivox Broadway Big Band, and tons of all the old classics in Gigastudio 4 (SAM, Dan Dean, VSL full pro, etc).

Now I do a bit of Jazz oriented arrangements, where I am writing for either Jazz big band or Jazz "pops" ensemble. Often I am mocking up the big band and rhythm section and keeping the strings to overdub in a live horn session. So with that in mind, here's how I integrated LASS into my system.


  • Main DAW: Mac Pro 1,1; OSX 10.7.2; 2x2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon; 13GB 667MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM
    • Digital Performer 7.24 (Mostly used); Pro Tools 9; Cubase 6; Finale 2012; Sibelius 5
    • Vienna Ensemble Pro 5.0.9753; Kontakt 5.01; MidiOverLan
    • Altiverb7; PSPAudio Old Timer & NobleQ; Autotune 5; Izotope Ozone & Alloy; some waves plugs. Only plugs processing on the DAW, all instruments loaded on farm machines via Vienna Ensemble 5
    • Motu 2408 MK3 cards (x2) via PCI-424
    • Kurzweil K2600SX keyboard (expensive since its just a freaking controller this last decade LOL) via Motu MTP-A/V
  • Farm Machine 1:PC - Windows XP x64 SP2; Intel i3 530@2.94GHz; 12GB RAM
    • Vienna Ensemble PRO 5; Kontakt 5.01
    • RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652 (obsolete w/VEP); MidiOverLan
    • Libs loaded:
      • VEP1 - Jazz rhythm stuff, including QL Pianos Steinway, Acoustic Samples SONAR kit, etc, etc
      • VEP2 - Broadway Lites (Sonivox) with Jazz trumpets, bones, soprano, alto, tenor, bari saxes
      • VEP3 - Some extra doodads (sound designy stuff, this is my free agent VEP instance where I mess around searching
      • VEP4 - LASS VIOLIN 1 - loaded one Kontakt 5 instance with ARC loaded, then 4 instrument banks. instrument banks as follows:
        • BANK 01-First Chair
        • BANK 02-VLN1a
        • BANK 03-VLN1b
        • BANK 04-VLN1c
      • Each Instrument bank uses first 7 slots as:
        • Slot1 - Sus Legato
        • Slot2 - Sordino Legato (leaving BANK01 blank since there is no FC sordino
        • Slot3 - Staccato
        • Slot4 - Spiccato
        • Slot5 - Trem
        • Slot6 - Trills
        • Slot7 - Pizz
      • Under ARC Setup I load each of the 4 midi channels, 7 slots
      • Under Keyswitch I set it to C0, then create 7 Articulation stacks Port A-chan1-slot1;Port A-chan2-slot1; Port A-chan3-slot1; Port A-chan4-slot1, then rinse repeat for each of the 7 Keyswitches, 7 slots
      • Then Under AA&DNH I load in from the triangle top center "select leg" and do those four as A in 3-part; A in 3-part; B in 3-part; C in 3-part, which handles all the other articulations on the other slots without doing anything. I click the AA button to light up, and just because he did it on the vid, i put on DNH on Notes for B and C, Ill play with this in depth over the next period. Then clicked TRANSMIT and then ALWAYS. Then on the PRESET menu I pulled down and selected "Copy to Preset1"
      • VEP5 - LASS VIOLIN 2 - repeated above exactly for Violin 2
      • VEP6 - LASS VIOLA - rinse, repeat again
      • FARM MACHINE 1 is DONE! I have 9.9GB loaded of my 12GB of RAM and idle the proc bounces from 6-12%. Satisfactory for now
  • Farm Machine 2- PC - Windows 7 64bit SP1; Intel Core2 Quad Q8200@2.33GHz; 8GB RAM
    • Vienna Ensemble PRO 5; Kontakt 5.01
    • RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652 (obsolete w/VEP); MidiOverLan
    • Libs loaded:
      • VEP1 - Vienna Instruments SE+ Strings bank (solo, chamber, appasionatta and concert vln, vla, clo, cb)
      • VEP2 - Vienna Instrument SE+ Woodwinds
      • VEP3 - Vienna Instrument SE+ Brass
      • VEP4 - Vienna Instrument SE+ Percussion
      • VEP5 - LASS CELLIS (same exact setup as Violins above, but leaving slot 6 blank (since there are no trills lower than viola)
      • VEP6 - LASS CONTRABASS (again same)
      • FARM MACHINE 2 is DONE! I have 88% of the 8G RAM used based on the Win7 widget
  • Farm Machine 3 - Win XP x64 with GigaStudio 4; MoL; Hammerfall RME HDSP9652, using 24 channel ADAT optical i/o to one of the Motu's on the Mac for legacy sounds

Anyway, this is from a first time user who had problems getting his head around stuff to set it up and get to working. So since I bitched and moaned about it on the boards I thought I should take the time to share my seemingly working setup and show that using a couple older and certainly not uber PCs to run samples, I can get a pretty solid large Jazz ensemble setup. Now I know that there is no way to run all this at once with every instrument playing 64th notes lol but with some judicious use of freezing tracks and leaving stuff disconnected that Im not using, it should be a pretty workable template. I have not ventured yet into any other features of ARC, just wanted to get a basic template up and running first. Anyways, let me know if this template is all wrong or good only if you recently smoked a pound of crystallized paint thinner or something. Thanks guys for putting up with me

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