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Currently scoring "For Love of Liberty" for PBS

I am currently scoring music for a 5 hour mini-series called "For Love of Liberty:The Story of America's Black Patriots" hosted by Halle Berry and featuring Avery Brooks, Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Ice T, Alan Rickman, Alec Baldwin, Bill Cosby etc.( I am co-composing with Emmy award composer Larry Brown and Alan Lindgren. The series covers the history of America's black patriots from the 1700's thru the Gulf War. You can hear a sample of my music for this series by going to

This mini series is scheduled to air sometime in Feb of 2010.


John William Doryk
film composer/sound designer
Night Sky Music & Sound Design

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Comment by Sean McGee on October 26, 2009 at 4:35pm
John, that's really cool!
How'd ya get the gig?


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