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April 2008

(Chris and Sharon are quite awesome.)

Custom music composer - Chris Merritt - teams up with his wife, Sharon to visit SCOTLAND! And yes, they tried haggis!

"It tastes something like a mix between sausage and cat food," Sharon noted. Chris agreed, "I think I just threw up a little..."

(Getting the 'courage' to try haggis.)

Our story starts in the bustling town of Glasgow after about 20 hours of plane rides - holy crap, I was tired, but instead of resting like 'normal' people, we decided to go for a lovely drive to Edinburgh. On the "wrong" side of the road.

The next day we tooled around Edinburgh and enjoyed the very Scottish street performers!

The bathrooms were so clean everywhere and the people really are very nice!

(Just before turning into Supergirl.)

While Sharon especially enjoyed the phone booths, I got to meet with composer Paul Wilkie and talk about composing and attacking peasants with cannonballs. We eventually realized that we could shoot the cannonballs from cannons instead of throwing them. It was too late by then, as we had lost so many good men...

(Paul killed the guy in white.)

We then drove north to Stirling, where we went to Stirling Castle and then had a lovely lunch with Ray Kemp and his wife. Again, I spent most of the time talking music and technology - it was awesome. Stirling is a gorgeous place, and Ray has totally got it made there. He can see the castle from his house!

(Chris feels a little underdressed.)

We drove up north through Glencoe, to Fort William. Stayed a night there, then drove even more north to the Isle of Skye. That's really in the middle of nowhere; and we stayed in the north of the island in a tiny village called Staffin.

(Eillen Donan Castle.)

(I was taller than the entire town of Fort William. I ate five villagers.)

We drove all around the island and LOVED it! Super thick accents, sheeps everywhere, super old buildings and so much history!

(I think I misread the sign.)

(Dunvegan - the seat of the Macleod's.)

The road between Staffin and Uig was a really neat, one lane scenic drive. If a car came in the opposite direction, you had to pull over and let them by. We found the coolest hiking trail up in the mountains there.

(We hiked around these here hills.)

Look at my butt in this picture.

(I slipped in the muddy water.)

(Ha ha - you looked at my butt.)

(Sharon at Loch Ness.)

All of the lakes - 'lochs' - were very beautiful. We stopped at multiple places on most of them to take pictures. We were told that Loch Lomond was the most beautiful, but that was a stinking lie. They were all awesome!

(Chris at Loch Ness. "No, I didn't see anything unusual...")

This was an incredible trip to a wonderful place. The people were great, the landscape was amazing, and we had a wonderful time.

I got me a chanter, a pennywhistle, lots of sweaters, and a few new friends.

(I didn't eat the yellow snow on Ben Nevis.)

Chris Merritt

Merritt Music Productions LLC
(323) 306-3057 (Los Angeles)
(347) 767-2952 (New York)
(323) 306-3058 (Fax)

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Comment by Paul Wilkie on April 23, 2008 at 3:09pm
awesome! :D
Comment by James Semple on April 23, 2008 at 4:49am
That was cool! A shame you weren't down in England otherwise you could have stayed with us... next time perhaps!

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