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Chassaposervikos (fast butcher's dance) in Re Sabach

Just messing with some old bouzouki solos of mine and adding more instruments to them. :-)



This link is for a hosting page where I can combine a mp3 and xml and have a scrolling score. If anyone likes this sort of presentation as an idea, please do let me know. If this is adequate I'm thinking whether pdf is at all necessary.

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Comment by Mariza Costa-Cabral on October 14, 2015 at 12:43am
Hello there, Socrates! How've you been?

I visited the link you provide above (in and indeed found it very interesting! Did you program that? I'm impressed. My immediate question is as to whether one can save a video of the scrolling score. For posting on youtube, or for posting here on the forum, for example.

The music piece in this link is, as usual with your pieces, extremely pleasant to listen to, with a unique relaxing beauty to it.


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