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Bossa Nova and Post Minimalism and a Pop-ish tune with vocals.

I've always liked John Adams 'Harmonielehre'. How can one NOT like it?

I'll revisit my drawing board, where I'll draw with my ear. I cannot do notation. I'll begin to build a piece that is inspired by Harmonielehre, by creating fragments/phrases that will repeat in overlapping time signatures. There will be sharp/hard elements and contrasting soft/ambient sounds. Maybe with subtle sound effects in the background. The piece will also be influenced by Brian Eno's Ambient series. I hope to recruit my friend here at CF, Adrian Peek, for percussion.


I've already started tracking some parts for a bossa nova inspired piece, which will be be a hybrid tune that I'd call 'heavy' bossa nova, using rock instrumentation. I hope to recruit Seth Burkhart again for drums.


I think I've finally found a good vocalist for my pop/rock tune, Road Trip!

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