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I'm just beginning the process of adding reverb to individual tracks in this complex mix. It's a fun, but daunting task. I use the reverb processors that came with Adobe Audition and Sonar X1. There are at least 6 to choose from. Add to that a number of delay processors. It's been time consuming to try all of these. For one instrument, I used an 8th note delay followed by a medium-sized room reverb. I use two different approaches to adding these effects.


One approach is to export a track from Sonar and open it in Audition where I process it so that it is a 100% wet track. Then I import it back into Sonar as a separate track. I place it right under the original track. This approach makes it very easy to adjust it's relative level in relation to the original track. Determining the amount of reverb is not easy and often needs to be adjusted as you make changes to the rest of the mix.


The second approach, is to keep the track in Sonar and add effects to a an audio clip's FX bin. (not the track's FX bin)  What is fun about this approach, is that an FX envelope can be created, which controls one parameter of a chosen effect. I used this approach on Chris's sax solo, and created an envelope that controls the amount of reverb along the timeline. I made the aesthetic decision to add draw an envelope that added more reverb during certain legato sections and this seemed to add more drama. So this second approach is a little more complicated. A similar method of control can be used with the first approach, by adding a gain envelope to the wet track. The approach is often decided by the sound of a particular reverb- either a Sonar reverb or a reverb in Audition.


Dealing with reverb is a challenge because it can add 'ear candy', but it also can make the overall mix more 'blurry' with less definition. I feel that today's mixes are a little too dry for my tastes, although I do like the illusion of having many of the instruments 'close' to the listener. ...What is your approach to reverb/delay? 

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Comment by Doug Lauber on March 9, 2011 at 4:32pm
Thanks Ray. I'll look into 2C Audio Breeze. I've been using a Cakewalk plugin called Sonitus, which sounds like a dental disease, but it's a nice reverb effect. And sometimes I use Lexicon Pantheon which also came with Sonar. Lately I've been using Sonitus Reverb a lot which has many parameters that can be turned into envelopes in a clip. I'm about to post Ostinato Trip. Sonitus Reverb was applied to the lead sax track, and I created an envelope that varies the reverb 'amount' parameter along the timeline, so some phrases are wetter than others. ...Very cool.
Comment by SEDstar on March 6, 2011 at 1:26pm

after a bit, I "gave up" trying to be a great mixer or post production guy, LMAO... I figured if I was writing music, THAT was my job, and that if it ever came to that, a plumber had to handle the plumbing... (not that I get paid or anything, ita a hobby, but you know what I


THAT said, with my orchestral VST (hardly state o the art, lol) I lean towards living with the presets more or less. I have tried to improve on it, but, I'm no great mixer... and figure its mroe than "reasonable" for my purposes.


of course, if your getting PAID to do this, you liekly think differently...


I just mean I kinda threw my hands up in the air, and decided this man cant serve 2 masters equally well... I went with composing and decided the "rank basics" of mixing was good enough for now...


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