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Not really.


But, some thoughts to start my refreshment of mind:


1.  Somewhere as we swim upstream against all hope on a journey to better ourselves, one will find happiness.

2.  Nightmare Before Christmas is great listening no matter what time of year.

3.  Shostakovich will inspire me no matter how frustrated I become.

4.  Remember that most of what you need is just out of reach, which makes them all the more useful.

5.  When listening to good music, it doesn't matter what mood you're in, just that you are listening to it.

6.  It is always a good idea to appreciate small things like second violin parts.

7.  When something becomes your world, remember that means it not only holds innumerable pleasures for you, but it will also shit on you.  Just the real world.

8.  When the aliens take me away, I hope they have a good soundtrack for the ride home.


That'll do it for now.

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Comment by Ann Rodela on July 16, 2011 at 4:34pm

1. That was me I took it.  I was happy.

2.  Then my blender stopped making smoothies, my printer went berserk with flinging the cartridge left and right saying error. My weed whacker started smoking! My toliet became haunted.  So I became an instant plummer. 

3) I grew frustrated.

4) Agree with #4.  

5) Ah music.  That's why I like Composer's forum. :)

6) Small things like a few well written bars of music and small bars of chocolate.

7) The power of joy and the naughty plot twists.  Damn, Murphy's Law strikes again!

8) Ah Area 51,  nice neighborhood.  Hahaha....:D

Comment by Ann Rodela on July 15, 2011 at 3:04pm

Impossibly funny post Matthew.  Perhaps I will leave comment when I think of something clever. :)

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