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Just to introduce myself: I have been writing music since I was seven - drawing my own staff on paper to try to record my fiddling on the piano. My "audience" was impressed at how straight the lines were. [sigh]

I play the piano, but read music like a first-grader reads writing - so I have to memorize the song then bring it up to speed. Learned basic music theory on my dad's electronic organ (what with chords and the "pointer system") And I composed a number of pieces - including our wedding music [Wedding%20Music.mp3] - but seldom wrote it down. Then I got a Commodore 64 which had a three-voice synthesizer. Fun for a 1980s video game sound.

Then I found MuseScore - and nothing can stop me now. My work takes on a classical bent. And I would like your help. I have posted my latest work, "Western Expanse" where I endeavor to build a visual impression.

I will share more in the future. And thanks for all for having this place to study and learn.

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Comment by Dave Moorman on February 1, 2018 at 11:00am

Gabriel Kovalov - Thanks for the support. I have 110 compositions now, which is quite a lot for about 60 weeks. I am looking forward to the 4 Element Competition to hear what others are doing and to get some thoughtful feedback.

Comment by Gabriel Kovalov on February 1, 2018 at 7:10am

You could easily write for video games :P

Comment by Gabriel Kovalov on February 1, 2018 at 7:08am

Awesome stuff! really enjoy your stuff. 

Comment by Dave Moorman on July 4, 2017 at 5:07pm

Had to share this with you - "Devilish" is my latest and I think I am shaping it better. Your comments are appreciated. 

I am trying out various, stable chord progressions, and striving not to be too repetitive (which is easy to do with notation software!). I welcome any comments.

Comment by andrew thornton on June 10, 2017 at 1:02am

You have had the same experience that I had; I was lost until I started using a professional music notation program. In my case it was Finale. 

Comment by Dave Moorman on June 3, 2017 at 2:34pm

Thanks to Bob Porter for the kind welcome. I do not have the left-brain vocabulary (or training) to discuss what I am doing. Indeed, as I look back at the over 50 3-4 minute compositions I have written since Dec. 2016, I see that I am practicing and learning how the sounds work. I seem to have some intuitive knowledge, but still cannot turn what I am actually thinking about into what I want to hear. So I listen to you all to get ideas and notions.

At this time, writing (my main profession as a preacher) is not going so well. I have come to music composition to tap my right-brain and express emotions for which I cannot find words. I envy those who have your 10,000 hours and can breath your music with huge competence. I look forward to getting to know some of  you through this forum.

As to using MuseScore, version 2.1 no longer has reverb for individual instruments. At this time, I am searching for ways to change the play of individual notes, to make a more nuanced presentation. But my main task is melody and harmony, variations and ornamentation - so the pieces can be overly repetitive. When I think of the creative possibilities available today, some 60 years after I first banged on the black keys of our old, upright piano, I am amazed at what is available at our fingertips.

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