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Just one of last year's songs on lyrics by a poetess that I like very much.


Were I to write my love

upon your skin

with silver nib

a gift of midnight blue,

to goddesses of love,

like a tatoo,

or carve the words in stone,

I would not win.


I cannot mark you mine:

the spinning threads,

their web speaks louder

than the seal of gold

that binds your life

for ever keeps your soul

tied to another as my sadness spreads.

And yet you are still mine,

to love and woo

and cosset if I could;

Perhaps I’ll send your words

on swallow’s wings,

or caws of crows.


I wish to leave behind

my love for you

in this rued world

that hundred years would spend

and not dissolve

the spell that your love now throws.

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Comment by Socrates Arvanitakis on November 29, 2017 at 8:10pm

Hi Colin and thanks. I don't know the poetess personally, I only know her as legerdemer  from a poetry forum where we both participate (but I gather she is French). This poem of hers was voted the best from last year in trhat forum!

Comment by Colin Dougall on November 28, 2017 at 5:59am

Hi Soctrates

Very nice arrangement - who's the poet?


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