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Just uploaded a few of the rare things I've actually finished writing! I've got a lot composed but not put down on "paper" (Because what I really mean is "on the screen".)

I'll be adding more to it as more things get completed, but at the moment I've mostly got works in progress! As Stated in my "about"/"bio", I've only recently started writing music again, so it'll be a while before I have a lot of content.  In fact, two of the musics in the playlist date from years back.  More precisely; run1 is from 3 years ago, and The Man and the Full Moon from a whole 7 years!

Please and A Thing are the most recent ones. Please having been written some time last year, and A Thing is brand new, dating from just yesterday! 

To go more in details, lets go one by one, from the oldest to the newest!

The Man and The Full Moon was written as a theme for a character I had created back then. He was a vampire with a strange obsession for the full moon. This used to have lyrics, but I am not actually a native English speaker, so lets say it wasn't really accurate, but still I insisted for writing it in English. It pretty much told what someone was seeing while looking at "The Man" while he was, himself, looking at the "Full Moon". It was written in Finale Notepad, and then converted to mp3.

run1 was my first experience with FL studio. The melody was originally written in Finale Notepad, then imported to FL studio where the other elements were incorporated. The title was intended to be simply "Run", but I saved the file as "run1" and kind of liked the sound of that better in the end. This was composed with, obviously, running in mind. More precisely, running into a big open space, and stopping on top of a hill from where a city can be seen in the distance.

Please was an attempt to make video game battle music. As with almost everything I write, it was originally for the piano, but I thought electric guitar was closer to what I wanted. This was my second time making something with FL studio.

A Thing is more of a spontaneous thing, which explains the title. It was written from a bass line that got stuck into my head for unknown reason. This was done in Musescore, which is what I currently use for all music writing! There really isn't much to say about it!

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