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Although changes of tempo and fermatas are included in the PDF and are part of the performance instructions they have been avoided in the XML and MP3 files as they would hinder the synchronization of sound and video (for some reason that I have not discovered yet), but they are realized in this live recording of 2002 when I had an alto voice available.
Sorry about the cello sound, I was just improvising on an old Yamaha guitar synth that was about in the studio, but then I lost it. :)

Any opinions on any aspect welcome.



mp3 midi performance



mp3 live recording










A deep sea,

a secret love,

has taken me away for ever,

for ever shed your light,

on my sea,

for ever, distant pale moon.


A wide sea,

full of music,

a sea full of love's madness,

takes me to the South,

to a night of magic,

by stealing me from you, sweet lass.


A sea, a love, a look,

I set my bridges on fire.


(Guitar- Cello duet)


A sea, a love, a look,

I set my bridges on fire.


I have no way back,

I have no ending,

the lights are distancing, then disappearing,

for ever shed your light,

my pale moon,

on my boat's silvery route.

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Comment by Socrates Arvanitakis on December 2, 2015 at 7:45pm

Thanks Mariza.

I agree, Niki's voice was a bit reluctant that night. Maybe my playing was putting her off and she told me afterwards not to use that recording, but I have very little else sang by her to remember her. I will upload in the near future another song where me and her are singing with a mixed choir of friends. Maybe you will like her performance better on that.

I am glad that you appreciate my songs. They are very important to me and positive feedback from people whom I consider good melodists like you give me  courage.

Comment by Mariza Costa-Cabral on December 2, 2015 at 12:27am

Peaceful and beautiful. This is really a delight to listen to.

I like the woman's voice as well, a little off key sometimes, but overall being quite warm and expressive.

Thank you so much for sharing this, Socrates.

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