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New music - a tango (in the classic style)!

Wrote 'La última llamada' for Tango Nashville, a great 501c3 here in Nashville that promotes tango dancing and Argentinian culture. It was definitely a stretch; I'm used to having drums as a crutch for the beat, and I know subtlety is not my strong suit.... still, I hope you enjoy it - Diana & MariaPia from Tango Nashville have told me they love it - it will be featured at their big September event! it's No. 2 on my playlist, to the left..... - S

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Comment by Scott W. Hallgren on November 9, 2007 at 9:57am
Dude, thanks! Actually, it's all samples, and damned if I didn't find a killer bandoneon sound AFTER I had it mixed! ;-(

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