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Well, the latest hot off the presses is that the album is almost ready for mixing! I plan to make a start on Saturday, though a lot of the work is done. But as I'm inexperienced I want to get help from an audio engineer mate of mine.

About half the tracks are now much better than they were, and even the general standard of the others has definitely improved over the 15 months I've been working on it, as I've learned the black art of making waveforms dance (still a sorcerer's apprentice though!).

My engineer friend, Martin, keeps telling me that "you can't polish a turd", and that is so true. Many times I have run into trouble and it's often because the original recording wasn't done right. Most of the vocals have been done again. And some them again and again and again! I don't like my voice much :|

Anyway, I'm going to be posting some extracts again soon, so watch this space. I may post the second track "Chemistry" in its entirety. It contains real brass, and a couple of blistering solos from friends of mine - it's my firm favourite.

As for my son... well, he likes the song that's about him - and why shouldn't he? :)

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