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Okay, so I get a message from John Schlitt's booking agent. Her name is Sue Demister, and she is with Nova productions out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She has listened to some of my music and likes it a lot. We talked on the phone for a little bit, and she directed me to the Cup o'Joy coffee house in Green Bay. I contacted them and will be singing there this Friday night for one of their open mic nights. Way cool!

Then I get an email from Sue that she has heard my song "At Least a Thousand Reasons" and thinks it sounds like something Bryan Duncan would do with his new Neho Soul band. It just so happens that John Schlitt's manager - Ricky B. Rogers - plays in Bryan's band. Sue says: "I've gotta send Ricky the link to 'Thousand Reasons.'" Next thing I know I get a "friend" invite on MySpace from Ricky, with the comment: "Bryan and I just listened to your song. Great stuff, man!"

I'm like: "You're kidding!? Bryan Duncan just listened to my music and likes it! Wow!

Sue is going to meet my wife and I at Cup o'Joy on Friday. I'm singing "At Least a Thousand Reasons" and "T.G.I.F." I am SO having fun with this right now! God is good!

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