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System 1 (composition):

  • Finale 2006 running on windows XP on a Dell computer
  • 250 GB backup, CD-ROM and DVD/CD read-write drive, DSL internet connection
  • Garritan Personal Orchestra (as bundled with Finale)

System 2 (digital audio recording):

  • ProTools running on windows XP on a Dell computer
  • Mbox midi interface
  • Korg Triton Pro X sampling keyboard (full 88 weighted)
  • Vocal Mike (gotta check the model)
  • Beta Shure 57 general-purpose mike

Other Musical equipment/instruments:

  • Variax Modeling Guitar
  • Gibson steel-string acoustic
  • Classical guitar
  • Tanpura and Harmonium (from India)
  • various rhythm instruments including 2 musical frogs, zills, ankle bells and other fun-ness

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