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I'm writing to you today from Sofia, Bulgaria. I took an extended vacation here, (1) because I needed it and (2) to study more closely some of my favorite music in the world- Bulgarian folk music.

At the Composer's Union in Sofia, I discovered the mother load of knowledge regarding Bulgarian Folk music- a two volume anthology of folk musicians by the legendary composer and writer, Todor Bakalov. It's a wonderful comendium, because instead of being like a dry textbook, it's a rich collection of stories and interviews with the people who made Bulgarian folk music what it is today- everyone from the old folklorists who are no longer with us, to today's generation who are keeping folk music alive in a Bulgaria that is increasingly modern and under assault by pop-folk music known as Chalga. Now, I don't personally mind Chalga so much because it isn't that far different than than Hip Hop, but to many Bulgarians, they absolutely hate how it's affecting Bulgarian culture for the worse.

Today I've also uploaded some new works for you to listen to.

These include:

2 original themes that I composed in Sibelius 5 - "The Fallen" and "The Mummy's Tomb." I think in the Fallen you can hear a clear Morricone and Bach influence. I wrote that in about 2 hours. The Mummy's Tomb was an attempt to do something more underscorish and Hammer like, but it too becomes thematic.

4 songs from my Balkan cycle - "Bulgaria!" which is the Bulgarian National Anthem which I've remastered, a remix and re-master of "Bulgarian Radio Waves," "Dorke's Wedding Reception" which is a old Bulgarian folk song in 11//8 that I updated a bit with electric and nylon string guitars, and "Romania!" which is the Romanian National Anthem;

And the last song, is "A Dangerous Flower" which is a little 5/4 exercise I did in the box in Nuendo using virtual instruments.

Hope you enjoy them and hope everyone is enjoying their Summer!

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